Mil Mi-8

    Mil Mi-8 helicopters are multi-purpose rotorcraft intensively employed in both civil and military aviation. They are one of the most produced helicopters as of today and are used by over 50 countries worldwide.

    VOSTOK Aviation Company is currently offering Mi-8T, Mi-8P, and Mi-8MTV-1 modifications at your service.

    Mi-8P is a passenger transport version that can be utilized for transportation of VIPs such as government and corporate officials. It features a spacious cabin equipped with heating and ventilation systems, upholstered passenger seats, and an optional dinner table.

    Mi-8T and Mi-8MTV-1 are utility transport versions that can be used for a number of purposes, such as passenger/cargo transportation, aerial patrolling, medical evacuation, and many others. As compared to Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV-1 has superior navigation systems installed, better aerodynamic performance, and more powerful engines.

    Both utility and passenger transport versions feature an external sling system capable of carrying a 3000-kg suspended load and an electric hoist boom capable of lifting up to 150 kg on board the helicopter during hovering.

    Satellite navigation systems installed enable flights during any time of day and night and off the regular airways.

Mi-8 aircraft specifications Mi-8T Mi-8P Mi-8MTV-1
Maximum passenger
capacity, persons
22 20 24
Standard takeoff weight, kg 11100 11100
Maximum takeoff weight, kg 12000 13000
Empty weight, kg 6835-7260 7370 7085
Maximum useful load, kg 4000 4000
Maximum external load, kg 3000 4000
Fuel load, kg 2160-3445 2160-3445
Maximum speed, km/h 250 250
Cruising speed, km/h 220 225
Service ceiling, m 4500 4800
Range (full main fuel tanks), km 620 620
Ferry range (two extra fuel tanks),
1035 1035
Cabin dimensions:
length, m 5.34 5.34
width, m 2.25 2.34
height, m 1.80 1.80