Antonov An-28

Antonov An-28 is a passenger transport airplaneused in regional airlines since 1960s.

The aircraft is equipped with a regular radio navigation set with electromechanical indication instruments. Its flight-control and navigation equipment provides for a round-o-clock aircraft operation and includes a combined directional system Greben-1, Automatic Direction Finder ARK-15, radio altimeter RV-5 or A-037, and marker receiver MP-66. The aircraft also has a VHF radio BAKLAN-5, emergency radio R-855UM, and aircraft intercom system SPU-6. The cockpit is equipped with an air conditioning system.

Aircraft specifications:

Engine(s): 2 x turboprop TDV-10V

Engine power capacity, hp: 2 x 1000

Maximum seating capacity: 17

Maximum takeoff weight, kg: 6500

Maximum useful load, kg: 1750

Maximum fuel load, kg: 1530

Cruising speed, km/h: 270-350

Maximum operational altitude, m: 4200

Range, km: 630

Ferry range, km: 1400

Fuel consumption, kg/h: 260