Antonov An-38

Antonov An-38-100 is a light multi-purpose airplane suitable for transportation of passengers, mail and cargo on regional air routes.

The aircraft is reliable in operation and provides a high-level safety during all flight modes. It is equipped with modern navigation and flight control systems including autopilot, weather radar, and a satellite navigation system. This equipment allows the aircraft to operate during any time of day and night, under adverse weather conditions, and over plain and mountain terrain and water surface.

The aircraft can be customized for specific purposes, such as VIP transportation, medical evacuation, aerial patrolling, geophysical survey, sea wildlife monitoring, aerial photography, and others.

The aircraft can be configured to transport both passengers and cargo in the quantities as follows:
• 1650 kg of cargo and 5 passengers;
• 1330 kg of cargo and 9 passengers;
• 1090 kg of cargo and 12 passengers;
• 460 kg of cargo and 17 passengers.

Aircraft specifications:

Engine(s): 2 x turboprop TPE331-14

Engine power capacity, hp: 2 x 1650

Maximum seating capacity: 27

Maximum takeoff weight, kg: 9500

Maximum useful load, kg: 2500

Maximum fuel load, kg: 2160

Cruising speed, km/h: 340-380

Maximum operational altitude, m: 4200

Range, km: 900

Ferry range, km: 1650

Fuel consumption, kg/h: 400